4225 Mermade

Wedding dress in the style of the mermaid hugs the body of the bride from the chest to the knees, and then gradually widens towards the hem, creating the illusion of a mermaid tail in that outfit and got such a name. This model looks very elegant and sexy on the brides who want to emphasize their figure.


4247 Coloring ball gown wedding dress

Wedding dress in ball gown style is perfect for the lush and fairy-tale wedding. Typically, these models consist of a narrow upper part (most often it is the corset) and the lush layered skirt.


4254 Ball gown wedding dress

Wedding gown can be sewn from various fabrics: the use of chiffon or satin accentuates the graceful silhouette, organza or taffeta gives it the airiness and ethereal lightness. The skirt may consist of several layers of fabric or be supported by a strong frame. If judged on practicality, it is better to give preference to models where the skirts are supported by means of rings – at least there's no risk to get lost in the lush skirts.


112 Turkey Princess

At the request of the designer, his dresses are designed for those girls who don't want to look like a Princess from the middle Ages, and even of the XIX century, and if soul and dream to be like Princess, it is modern of century XXI.


4503 Qeen

Dress for the Queen, what should it be? Beautiful? Yes. But not only that. It is not only a beautiful outfit is the best style wedding dress, and although the Queen will wear only once, it will forever remain in the family history.


108 Turkey Qeen

Outfits of the Eastern countries have a special magic, they stand for modesty and chastity. They hide many parts of the body, because of tradition, a woman can expose in front of a man only the face, hands, and feet. The members of the opposite sex can't always guess which figure has a woman as bright and colorful outfits perfectly hide it.


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